Combat Acne, Naturally!

At some point in time, every person experiences some level of acne…and maybe you know of someone who haven't found the right product to treat their acne yet. Have you ever heard of or experienced the amazing results that 100% natural marula oil gives?

Acne does not discriminate against age, race, skin type or a person’s diet (although what you eat may contribute to having breakouts). As for 100% natural marula oil: you can be of any age, race and skin type, it can help treat (or prevent) just about any unwanted skin condition, ESPECIALLY acne.

With so many contributing factors to having acne, it is difficult to find and eliminate the most probable cause. For this reason, the product that is used to take care of your skin is so much more important. 

The rich nourishment along with the light textured and non-greasy feeling (it does not clog pores, being non-comedogenic) of marula oil, makes it the best-kept secret to treating acne. Click here to refresh your memory of what makes marula oil so great. 

In short, trust 100% natural marula oil to:

  1. Hydrate and moisturise the skin
  2. Fight against dryness and itchiness
  3. Reduce inflammation and repair damaged skin
  4. Fight future bacteria
  5. Stop the skin from overproducing oil


For a deep, revitalising and rejuvenated cleanse of your skin, we recommend scrubbing your face with our Facial Scrub and our Body Scrub if you experience acne on your back. It's best to scrub your skin at most twice a week. Marula oil facial and body scrubs
Follow the deep cleanse, by lightly dabbing a few drops of our 30ml or 100ml MOZaic Marula Oil products - filled with 100% natural marula oil - to your skin. On the days that you do not scrub your skin, dab marula oil after cleaning your skin with warm water and a clean cloth. Wonderful results can be seen with regular application.
Our NEW product, MOZaic Marula Oil infused with Moringa, is still 100% natural, just with double the nourishment of everything that makes marula oil and the nutrients of moringa leaves - such as zinc, proteins and antioxidants – a favourite miracle treatment for acne! If you love our 100% natural marula oil, you can decide to use this potent treatment in conjunction with it or on its own. 

You can now also enjoy the MOZaic Marula Oil Facial Scrub and MOZaic Marula Oil infused with Moringa, for less. Click here to purchase your Acne Treatment Kit today!