The Story of Hope behind MOZaic Marula Oil

MOZaic Marula Oil brings to you a story of hope from the many different skin and hair types, nails and lips that our 100% natural products are applied to, to the women and their families whose standard of living is uplifted with every product that is purchased. 

 MOZaic Marula Oil is an initiative that was founded by MOZaic Upliftment, a non-profit organisation with the vision of uplifting the livelihoods of women and their families from communities in rural Mozambique.  

The marula fruit is a natural renewable food source that forms an integral part of the culture and survival of the Shangaan population in Southern Africa. Many rural communities in Mozambique use the marula fruit and kernel as a primary food source, especially during the lean months, when staple food is scarce.

This very reason has caused MOZaic Upliftment to explore different ways to use this familiar product, to help the Shangaan communities create sustainable income and improve the living conditions in rural communities. “We don’t just do projects, but walk with communities to assist, equip and expose them to economic opportunities.”, says Gerhard Erasmus, founder of MOZaic Upliftment.

Every bottle that is purchased, contributes to achieving our vision

The MOZaic Marula Oil product range starts with the women and their families who break open the rock-hard marula nut and extract the highly nourishing  kernels from the shell. After the marula kernels are cold pressed, the unrefined marula oil is bottled in Mozambique and Johannesburg, from where it is distributed to agents countrywide.

Our 100% natural products bring hope to the buyer who applies the oil to their skin and experience a boost in their confidence and self-esteem when they realise the results, and to those who earn an income through the value chain: the mother and their families, the leaders who monitor the quality control process, the workers pressing the oil, the coordinating team and agents who sell the product in the market.

 Get your hands on the MOZaic Marula Oil product range

We love introducing people to our product range and are continuously finding more ways to make our 100% natural product range available. Currently, there are four options at your disposal:

    1. Become an agent and earn a profit with every product that is sold
    2. Support local and purchase our products from an agent closest to you
    3. Shop online and have it delivered directly to your door
    4. Send an email to to enquire about purchasing our 100% natural cold-pressed marula oil in bulk.