Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any known negative effects from applying virgin marula oil?
    Marula oil is derived from the kernels that were extracted from the hard nut of the marula fruit. The oil comes from a nut. People with nut allergies, should take a patch test and wait 24hrs to determine if a reaction takes place. If there is a skin irritation – a rash or similar to allergic reactions on the skin – stop using marula oil immediately.
  2. Does marula oil smell?
    Marula oil has a natural fruity scent with a warm nutty undertone. It does not have a sharp scent or smell.
  3. Should MOZaic Marula Oil be used on its own?
    MOZaic Marula Oil can be used as part of an existing skincare routine or as a standalone skincare product.
  4. Will marula oil leave my skin feeling greasy? 
    Virgin marula oil is a light textured oil and easily penetrates the skin. It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.
  5. Why does my skin feel so greasy after I've applied MOZaic Marula Oil?
    No two people has the same bodies. The same principle stands for the different skin types. Know your skin type and apply marula oil based on the experience of your skin’s reaction to it. If you have an oily skin type and applied four squirts of marula oil to the skin of your face and it feels greasy, then you know it is too much. Try applying two squirts the next time.
  6. What are the ingredients of the MOZaic Marula Oil product range?
    All our bottled products have been filled with 100% natural marula oil – nothing else. It is only our scrubs that have additional 100% natural ingredients. The combination of these ingredients makes it gentle enough to exfoliate and provide a deep cleanse of the skin while rejuvenating it. The ingredients of our scrubs are:
    * Facial Scrub: 100% natural marula oil, marula butter and a hint of rosemary and lemongrass.
    * Body Scrub: 100% natural marula oil, marula butter, a hint of rosemary and lemongrass, mixed with fine sand from the Indian Ocean.
  7. What happens if marula oil is consumed?
    There are some people who take a shot of marula oil every day, because it is so rich in necessary vitamins and minerals. Just like olive oil, virgin marula oil can be used as a very luxurious oil to cook with; it’s maybe a bit more expensive to use for cooking, but nothing stops you from trying!
  8. Can MOZaic Marula Oil be applied to my baby's skin?
    Virgin marula oil can be used as an additional product to hydrate and soften babies’ delicate skin. Newborn babies’ scalp is often dry and flaky. Gently applying marula oil to a baby’s scalp can also assist to naturally moisturise the skin.
  9. Why should the Body and Facial Scrubs only be scooped out with a dry spoon or hand?
    When our scrubs are exposed to moisture, mold can be expected. For this reason, we recommend using the supplied dry wooden spoon or a dry hand when scooping the scrub out to apply to it to your body and/or face. Don’t worry, you can still use it while you’re taking a bath, just make sure that you use a dry spoon or hand and close the lid tightly after you’ve scooped out the scrub. Keep it sealed properly!
  10. Why do I see crystals in my bottle of MOZaic Marula Oil?
    There is no need for concern when you see the oil in this crystalised form. As all liquid do when exposed to extreme cold temperatures, cold-pressed marula oil can crystalise when it has been in an environment below 8˚C. The quality of the oil is not affected and once the bottle is returned to normal room temperature and it starts to form liquid again, it can be used as usual.