Enjoy Happy Skin this Winter


For some, it feels like the change in seasons were so sudden. We were still lazily relaxing next to the pool and enjoying the sun. The next day we were unpacking jackets, trousers, scarves and every other item to keep us warm against the unexpected cold.

Did you notice the change in the condition of your skin? Your once happy-skin may now be dry and itching and you are doing your best to get it to the same condition it was before. Our skin would flourish in consistent weather, but you would need to move to tropical areas throughout the year to do your best to keep your skin in close to consistent weather conditions.

If your skin, hair, lips and beard haven’t received consistent care, the sudden change from hot to cold would have had a negative effect…but it is not all doom and gloom!

MOZaic Marula Oil is the one product that should be in every household, if only to naturally nourish your skin and give it a protective layer it deserves to withstand the effects of change in seasons. The high concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in 100% natural marula oil is close to the only treatment that your skin needs to remain happy. Click here to read about what makes marula oil so good.

Even though no two people have the same skin type, we know that “Africa’s Best Kept Beauty Secret” (AKA marula oil) is one that can work for all! Keep your skin protected during winter and keep the momentum going for it to remain protected during the next change in seasons.


Dry & Itching Skin

There are many contributing factors to having dry and itching skin, but it is very common during winter. The sudden change in temperatures contributes heavily as it causes moisture to leave the skin. This can be prevented with daily application of marula oil, and best of all: it is a NATURALLY rich treatment. Marula oil softens the skin, offers antioxidant protection and the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help heal damaged skin.  You can try following these highly recommended steps to nourish and treat your skin:

  1. Refrain from taking those hot showers and bathes. We know it is cold and the heat is super inviting, but do your best to stick to a normal heated bath or shower for your skin’s sake!

  2. Directly after the bath or shower and softly drying your skin, apply a few squirts of our 100% natural marula oil or a few drops of our MOZaic Marula Oil enriched with Moringa all over your body. Your skin will be warm, and pores will be open, making it more receptive to the goodness of the naturally rich emollient.

  3. Directly after every time that you wash and dry your hands, apply our 100% natural marula oil. We do it so often and do not realise the contribution washing hands have to experience dry and itching skin, peeling skin around our nails and brittle nails. Remember to massage the oil into your cuticle bed to keep it supple and have healthy nails.

  4. Merely add a few squirts of our 100% natural marula oil to your daily shampoo and shake well before washing your hair. Your scalp will soak in the rich nourishment and moisturising properties. Within days you can enjoy having an itch-free scalp!

  5. For chapped lips, apply our MOZaic Marula Oil for Lips & Cuticles throughout the day, every day. Within days you will enjoy having moist and nourished lips.

Keep the momentum going! Do not stop the daily application and nourishment when your skin shows improvement as it can not remain protected by itself. It is best to prevent unwanted skin conditions than to treat it after it has already been negatively affected. When summer comes, you’d want your skin to remain healthy, looking and feeling like winter never arrived.