Make Mindful Decisions of What You Apply to Your Skin


No cream or oil can simply erase stretch marks from your skin, but making mindful decisions about your diet, what you drink and what you apply to your skin can make a difference. It is also never too early to start nourishing your skin with 100% natural marula oil to help prevent stretch marks or too late to help reduce their appearance.

Why MOZaic Marula Oil for Stretch Marks?

The answer is easy: filled with 100% natural marula oil and nothing else, daily application of marula oil - the best natural miracle treatment - will help your skin withstand the effects of rapid growth and weight gain or loss, NATURALLY. The rich concentration of vitamins E and C, amino and fatty acids found in marula oil allow the skin to retain moisture, suppleness, remain emollient and soft and have a good dose of healing properties to help the skin return to normal or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

What Makes Marula Oil so Good?

It’s not only that marula oil is good, but also that it is 100% natural! MOZaic Marula Oil for Stretch Marks contains no additives, preservatives or other funny stuff! It’s so natural, that you can drink it!
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Who should Apply MOZaic Marula Oil?

If you have skin, walk on two legs and smile at your stunning reflection in the mirror, you’re it!
Stretch marks can appear due to many reasons – rapid weight gain and loss, growth spurt (children/teens) and they are especially common for pregnant women. There are many contributing factors, but nourishing your skin daily before a sudden stretch-and-pull change in the skin occurs will ensure that the likeliness of it remaining elastic, strong, soft and supple, is great!  
Even after its appearance, daily application of marula oil can assist with reducing stretch marks.


When to Apply MOZaic Marula Oil?

There is no better time than today! It does not matter if you have no stretch marks or already have some. Your skin will absorb the rich nourishment immediately (literally – it is so light – AKA non-comedogenic) and after three months of daily application, you will see a difference!

You must also be aware of the stages of stretch marks and what to expect when you start applying marula oil after its appearance. The types of stretch marks can be identified depending on their formation and appearance:
  • When stretch marks are still pink/red in colour, chances are good that its appearance can be reduced with daily application of 100% natural marula oil.
  • When stretch marks are white in colour, it means that damage to the skin has already been done and is less likely to reduce as much.  Your skin will still be nourished with daily application to regain its suppleness and be prepared for what your skin may go through in future.