Oh man! Just Look at that Beard, Skin and Hair! 😎

The perception is almost always that only women enjoy luxurious topical treatments - such as cold pressed marula oil - but let’s look at the reasons why men can also benefit from its naturally rich nourishment.

The rich concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in marula oil, offer men the opportunity to enjoy having an awesome and healthy beard, soft skin and nourished hair. 
Vitamin E found in marula oil, helps to maintain a healthy moisture level to prevent water loss from skin and hair. It is lightweight and assists to balance the hair's natural oils. 


No more dry and brittle hair! Say hello to soft and healthy feeling and looking beard and hair. 

Marula oil is the perfect 100% natural daily moisturiser that your skin deserves. Enjoy the benefits and rich nourishment with every application and ensure to massage it into the beard to reach the skin underneath. 
  • Vitamin E
    This supports cell regeneration and collagen production, increasing the skin’s elasticity and suppleness. It is high in antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and the moisturising properties prevent lines and wrinkles and help fight against dryness, also offering temporary relief from itching skin. 
  • Vitamin C
    The oil contains eight times more than found in oranges, supports collagen production, and provides the body with rich antioxidants which fight free radicals from harsh UV rays and pollution, which contribute to ageing and dullness.
  • Amino Acids
    These contain hydrating properties, making marula oil the most fantastic anti-ager.
  • Fatty Acids
    These have emollient and moisturising benefits, which replenish the moisture level and enhance the softness and radiance of the skin. Breakouts will be something of the past, with antimicrobial properties that help fight future bacteria and stop the skin from overproducing oil.


It's with daily application of MOZaic Marula Oil, that most men will answer ‘not anymore’ to experiencing unwanted skin conditions such as dry and itching skin underneath the beard, beardruff, dry and brittle hair, acne, slow-growing beard and hair, burning sensation after a clean shave, and more. 



Most men prefer a skin care routine that is easy to follow and having one product that helps with almost everything, is a great benefit!

Mr South Africa 2020, Hannes van der Walt, says that all men can enjoy an amazing skin care experience – they must just start. And he is right! A skin care routine for men can be as easy as washing, drying and applying. "From beard oil to skin care products, it's all covered by this amazing product...", says Hannes. He recommends the below steps: