Shed Winter Skin and Enjoy Spring


In most parts of South Africa, spring is flourishing beautifully! Excitement for summer builds up and we look forward to getting out; being more active outdoors, often relaxing next to and in the pool, you name it!

How do you prepare your skin, hair, lips and even your nails for this exciting season? 
It is difficult to count all the great things about spring and the upcoming summertime on two hands and yet, it is easy to keep track of all the important reasons that our skin must be taken care of! Luckily, MOZaic Marula Oil is just what your skin needs:


  1. Rejuvenate the skin: Our Facial Scrub and Body Scrub are ideal to gently exfoliate your skin, from head to toe and wash away dead and flaky skin. The light textured scrub will not only provide a deep cleanse, but also boost the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, elasticity and have that natural glow! We recommend using our scrubs twice a week to maintain a healthy skin.
  2. Body moisturiser: After you’ve pampered your skin, remember to lightly dab 100% natural marula oil to your skin and apply it daily. Regular application will enhance your skin’s ability to wave wrinkles and fine lines away, have a natural moisturising effect and remain hydrated during time spent in the sun. Rest assured that many unwanted skin conditions may also be prevented.
  3. Attend to the skin that hid away from cold: during winter, polo-necks, scarves, thick socks, gloves and earmuffs were the go-to clothing items to fight the cold. You may not have realised it, but it’s the neck, feet, hands and ears that took some strain. Besides that the skin was scuffed, we tend to miss these body parts when a body moisturiser is so quickly applied in the cold. Only a few drops of our Everyday Marula Oil applied to the skin daily can give it that healthy boost. 
  4. Hair moisturiser: ah, hair, the crown of the body! Our hair goes through so much: the usual colour, cut, blow-wave, product build up, tied in a bun and hidden underneath a beany. Winter already dries the skin so much and if not kept hydrated properly our hair is more prone to break and split. Not to mention having a dry and itchy scalp. If you did not use marula oil during winter, now’s your chance! Add a few drops of MOZaic Marula Oil to your shampoo or even apply and leave it in your hair during the night (just remember to wash it again the next morning). Your hair will be moisturised, have that extra shine and the skin underneath will be kept healthy, which in turn will boost hair growth.
  5. Soothing after-sun: sunburn is the common after-effect from realising too late that you’re almost like well-cooked meat in the sun. The rich vitamin and mineral contents of 100% natural marula oil make it the most perfect after-sun treatment! It promotes collagen production and cell regeneration, whilst hydrating the skin and keeping it moisturised. Apply MOZaic Marula Oil regularly until redness and irritation subsides. In no time, your skin will be ready for another day out! Just be careful!
  6. Hydrate lips: now, don’t forget them!! Dry and cracked lips will definitely not be something to be concerned about if you regularly apply 100% natural marula oil to your lips. The 10ml MOZaic Marula Oil for Cuticles and Lips bottle makes application convenient to keep those lips hydrated and give it a nice glow again after the winter! While you are at it, apply the oil to your cuticles as well for a healthy set of nails and tamed cuticles. 

The list of benefits that 100% natural marula oil has to offer can go on!

It’s safe to say: MOZaic Marula Oil is the most amazing must-have skincare treatment in every household.
What is better than 100% natural marula oil? Combined with drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and exercising regularly, there is not much else that can nourish your skin this well! 

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