Information Page | How to apply MOZaic Marula Oil's Beard Oil

Treat your beard like you mean it. Apply 100% natural marula oil for an awesome beard, smooth skin and nourished hair.

Five surprising reasons your beard, skin and hair need marula oil:

  • It softens the beard, keeps it hydrated and gives it that extra boost and shine;
  • It keeps the underlying skin healthy and as a result it will boost hair growth;
  • Apply as an after-shave to soothe the skin and help prevent dry skin and skin rash;
  • Maintain a younger looking skin by keeping those fine lines and wrinkles away;
  • It helps regulate the skin's natural moisture level, and does not clog pores.

Dry and irritated skin, beardruff and unhealthy hair can be something of the past!

How to Apply

Apply marula oil when you are fresh out of the shower as your skin and hair will have softened and your pores opened from the hot water, making it more receptive.

To nourish your beard, hair and the skin underneath:

Use the dropper to apply marula oil directly on your face or head or put some in your hands to massage into your beard or hair.  Rub it in well to ensure it reaches the skin underneath.

Use it as an after-shave:

  1. After shaving ensure that your face is cleansed properly from any residue.

  2. Pat your skin dry.

  3. Apply marula oil to the shaved area.


PRECAUTIONS: Persons with nut allergies should do a patch test to determine if skin irritation occurs. Test by applying a small amount of marula oil to the inner skin of the forearm and wait for 24 hours to see if a reaction takes place.