Information Page | How to apply our Natural Mosquito Repellent

 Natural mosquito repellent marula oil with lemongrass

 The pleasant fragrance of our 100% natural Mosquito Repellent with lemongrass, is just the right scent to keep mosquitoes at bay.  Spray every few hours and enjoy knowing that mosquitoes and other pests will avoid targeting the skin.  The added benefit is a naturally nourished skin with all the benefits of cold-pressed marula oil.

Lemongrass contains a citronella compound that helps prevent mosquitoes from targeting the skin.  By adding lemongrass to marula oil, it can have a lasting protection of up to two hours.  The repellent has a dual purpose: 1) it repels mosquitoes and bugs and 2) it nourishes the skin because of the goodness of marula oil.  The lightweight texture is quickly absorbed by the skin.   The result is a non-greasy skin (marula oil is non-comedogenic and does not clog pores).

Five reasons why MOZaic Marula Oil’s Mosquito Repellent must be experienced:

  1. The natural repellent helps keep mosquitoes and other pests, such as flies and bugs, away.
  2. It is safe and non-toxic, thus suitable for children.
  3. The refreshing fragrance of lemongrass makes it a pleasant topical treatment.
  4. With frequent application one will experience the vast benefits marula oil offers as a natural skin moisturiser.
  5. It helps to soothe itchiness and inflammation of any insect bites
How to Apply
Spray the repellent directly onto exposed skin, every few hours or as needed.  Once sprayed gently massage the oil evenly to cover the area of the skin.  The repellent is merely a topical treatment. Combine application with the following recommendations for optimal effect:
  1. Re-apply more often if one is prone to sweat or if one had contact with water.
  2. Once applied wear long sleeves for extra precaution.
  3. Sleep under a mosquito net.
  4. Stay away from stagnant water sources.
  5. Spray the repellent directly after applying sunblock.
PRECAUTIONS: Persons with nut allergies should do a patch test to determine if skin irritation occurs.  Lemongrass essential oil is also known to be a skin irritant for certain individuals.  Test by applying a small amount of oil to the inner skin of the forearm and wait for 24 hours to see if a reaction occurs.

MOZaic Marula Oil brings to you a story of hope from the many different skin and hair types, nails and lips that our 100% natural products are applied to, to the women and their families whose standard of living is uplifted with every product that is purchased. The below video explains the story of hope behind MOZaic Marula Oil beautifully. Enjoy watching and please share this story with your family and friends.